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Protecting Yourself From Getting Burgled Again

Protecting Yourself From Getting Burgled Again

Protecting Yourself From Getting Burgled Again

Someone breaking into your home and stealing your precious belongings is easily one of the most traumatic things that can happen, mainly when it occurs while you were asleep. Unfortunately, if a burglar realises that your home is easily accessible and knows what kind of valuables you have, they may return to swipe them.


Burglaries are heartbreaking, especially when they make off with items with high sentimental or monetary value. It can be difficult to feel safe at home again, knowing someone breached your safe space. Fortunately, you can get the target off your house by taking a few extra precautions. Here’s what you need to know:


Why You May Be a Repeat Target


Many people make the mistake of believing that getting robbed is a one-time event due to bad luck. However, the reality is that burglars carefully survey their targets and choose the one that is the easiest to break into by studying entry points, security flaws, and other aspects. Additionally, they tend to return to a home they burgled to see if the property is still easy to access since it is much less time-consuming than breaking into a new property. Even if they don’t return, they might recommend your home to fellow thieves.


It’s important to remember that thieves are opportunistic, so they’ll take any chance they can get to scope your property and determine if they can enter with ease again. They’re familiar with your home’s layout, the logistics of entering, where you put your valuables, and the best time to enter your home. They may even be so bold as to strike soon after the first burglary because they know you won’t expect them to come back right away.


What You Can Do to Prevent Another Burglary

Protecting Yourself From Getting Burgled Again


The first thing to do is to secure your home. Survey your doors and windows and make sure they’re solid, sturdy, and lockable. Burglars look for properties with unlocked windows and doors or even resort to kicking them down. They’re less likely to break glass since they’re more likely to get cut. You may also want to call locksmith services in London to replace and upgrade all your locks and hide the keys in a safe place away from the usual hiding spots, like a toilet or fish tanks, cereal boxes, stoves, freezers, and bookshelves.


Beware of putting your trash out in the open. If you recently got a new appliance, you’re likely to leave the box outside your home, alerting thieves that you’ve made an expensive purchase. Consider flattening the box, breaking them down, and concealing them.


You may also want to consider repositioning your mirrors, as thieves can see them from a window and enjoy a more comprehensive view of your home, mainly if they show the alarm system.


Avoid posting on social media when you’re on vacation, as it effectively announces your absence and tells strangers you won’t be home. Thieves are most likely to strike when they know you aren’t home, so it would help to postpone the photos and videos you want to post until you return. You may also want to have someone housesit while you are away.


Having a large, loud dog tends to scare burglars away. Smaller dogs won’t intimidate them so much. The bigger and more protective the breed, the better they’ll defend your property, as thieves know they’ll likely get hurt if they come across your dog.


Leaving the radio or TV on may also deter burglars, as it’s often a sign that someone is at home. Having a vehicle in the driveway also signals that someone is at home, making burglars think twice about targeting your property. Additionally, trim your shrubs and overgrown trees, as thieves look for properties with blind spots they can hide in to prevent being detected.



Protecting Yourself From Getting Burgled Again


Getting robbed is an incredibly distressing experience, and you’ll want to do everything you can to prevent yourself from being retargeted. By following our guide, you’ll secure your home and protect your belongings from the sticky eyes of burglars.


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