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Types of Security Safes

Types of Security Safes

Types of Security Safes: What Does Your Business Need?

Enterprises\’ security requirements are as diverse as the businesses themselves. Do you have a lot of cash on your hands? Perhaps you have a lot of sensitive information about your clientele on hand. Then there\’s payroll information, which includes your employees\’ social security numbers. You don\’t want any of this information to end up in the hands of the wrong people.

That\’s when commercial safes come in handy. Documents, cash, and other valuables will be kept safe in these containers. There are many solutions on the market to match your demands, whether you need a high-volume safe or a fire-resistant company safe.

What Are the Types of Safe for Your Business?

Types of Security Safes

A safe, often known as a strongbox, is a lockable box intended to protect valuable objects from safety and security risks. In simple terms, any container with a lock can be called a safe. The very first safes were simply wooden boxes with iron reinforcements and large, hefty locks to keep its contents safe from prying eyes.

Modern safes have progressed to include cutting-edge technology that ensures the highest level of security and peace of mind. The following are some of the several types of safes available for your business:

Depository Safe

They differ from typical commercial safes in that they contain a slot, either on the top, front, or drawer, depending on the safe\’s size, that allows personnel to deposit money without having to open the safe door. This step not only keeps the deposits safe and secure from outside threats but also prevents staff from seeing or stealing what\’s inside. Once the deposits are made, they can only be accessed by those permitted to do so.

Commercial drop safes are commonly seen in retail stores, supermarkets, banks, and restaurants, where deposits are made at regular intervals and are used to temporarily keep items until they can be transferred to a more prominent, more secure safe.

Office Safe

Office safes can be found in various places, including offices, retail establishments, and restaurants. They can be freestanding or attached to a wall or floor with bolts. They usually have high impact resistance and are tested to ensure they won\’t break if dropped repeatedly.

Office safes are made of high-quality steel and have a better security lock to prevent unauthorised access to various corporate valuables such as money and confidential files.

Burglar Safe

Businesses deal with large amounts of data and store it on a variety of media. This information may be sensitive and contain trade and company secrets that must be secured at all costs.

Believe it or not, many firms are targeted for stealing such vital information as part of dirty rivalry because it gives the opposing party a competitive advantage in the market. As horrible and unethical as this is, it is all too frequent and must be addressed immediately.

Data or media safes are designed to store electronic items such as hard drives, USBs, and important papers and documents as well as protect them from theft and fire and water damage.

Fire-Rated Safe

Safes are used to secure valuable objects from theft and calamities such as fires, which can quickly destroy money, documents, electronic media, and other valuables. These safes are not fireproof, but they are undoubtedly fire-resistant.

The amount of fire protection is defined by the safe\’s rating and the amount of time it can endure high temperatures without destroying its contents.

Should You Invest in Locking Mechanisms for Your Safe?

The material used to construct a company safe and its locking mechanism influence its quality and robustness. Both are equally critical, and if either is compromised, a company could jeopardise the entire safe and its contents.

When selecting a locking mechanism for your safety, ensure it accomplishes its goal of preventing unauthorised access. Key locks, combination locks, electronic locks, biometric locks, and dual locks are the most prevalent locking mechanisms for company safes.

Types of Security Safes

What\’s Next?

There are a number of safes available to businesses to safeguard their assets. Investing in one for your business could be a wise investment you make because it ensures that your money and critical valuables are kept safe and secure. However, there are times when your safe may malfunction or human error might cause you to lose the key, which is why having a reliable locksmith on hand is invaluable.

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