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Steps to Take When Your Lock Gets Broken

Steps to Take When Your Lock Gets Broken

Steps to Take When Your Lock Gets Broken

5 Crucial Steps to Take When Your Lock Gets Broken


Most burglars wouldn\’t think twice about intruding in your home if you have a broken lock. That’s why you must ensure that it is fixed or replaced as soon as possible by a competent locksmith.


While waiting for the locksmith to come to fix the broken lock might make you nervous, taking the necessary steps as soon as the lock is broken will help preserve your house\’s security and keep both you and your possessions safe. This article will walk you through the actions you need to do if you have a broken lock.


  1. Contact a Locksmith


Locksmiths can help you anytime and anywhere your location may be. Most provide emergency services and have separate hotlines that you may call in the middle of the night if required.


Make sure you phoned one of these specialists, not someone who works during regular business hours, and that you let them know you need assistance immediately. If you believe you\’ve been waiting too long, don\’t hesitate to call again.


  1. Install a Temporary Lock


Barricading the door with physical objects is often the most practical and cost-effective thing to do. It also necessitates the least amount of work because you do not need to go out and buy anything. It has some disadvantages, though.


For one, you can\’t block a door from the outside when you leave since you can only lock it from the inside. Couches, tables, refrigerators and freezers are all valuable things for barriers. And barriers work only if the entrance opens inward.


This sort of \’door lock\’ is ineffective on outward-facing doors. You would have to block it from the outside, defeating the purpose. Still, it\’s a better alternative than leaving your entrance wide open.


  1. Keep Your Valuables Out of Sight


Some thieves may scout possible targets ahead of time, ensuring that they strike residences with valuables. As a result, it\’s advisable to avoid storing valuable things in places where attackers may see them as they walk by.


Avoid keeping costly tools or bikes out in the open, close your garage door and don\’t leave expensive gadgets, handbags, jewellery, cash or other valuables in front of open windows. Consider adding window coverings such as curtains or blinds to keep prying eyes out.


  1. Let Your Neighbours Know


Neighbours can provide an extra set of eyes for your home while your locks are broken. If you need to go out or feel nervous being in your house without complete security, informing a trusted neighbour can urge them to keep an eye out for unusual activity surrounding your property and notify you of any potential dangers.


  1. Have Someone Stay on the Phone with You


In an emergency, your mobile phone might be your lifeline, but if you\’re alone in your house at night, having an open line of contact is usually a sound idea. Perpetrators are less likely to do something if you are on the phone, and simply having someone to talk to will make you feel less scared.




A broken lock is a serious issue, considering the rampant crime rates around cities. If you have a damaged lock, our team of experienced locksmiths is available 24/7 to make you feel comfortable in your house again.


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