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How much a Locksmith emergency service will charge in London

locksmith emergency London

How much a Locksmith emergency service will charge in London

The locksmith emergency in London are being overpriced at the moment by the companies that appeared overnight with untrusted locksmith.

They will also come on emergency basis but the charges will be 10 to 20 times bigger than the quotation over the phone.

Please note that most of the people who are answering the phone are women, no offence but I haven t seen a lady locksmith in 15 years in the trade.

So its more likely to to have a ruff quote just so they can have the job and after that it s just the job for the dodgy locksmith.

Compare with our staff team trained in the field and a proper locksmith.

They will provide an invoice obviously from a flat company, construction related and it will be gone in a few months. Compare with our invoices , company details, with a reputable address , with a telephone number from over 5 years the same one.

Coming back to quotations, what you need to ask first of all is that there is a call out charges, please note that all the scammers have the no call out charges displayed so they could hook the job.

A proper company will charge a call out fee especially London.

When it comes to charges of course the company with no call out fee will charge more because there is no other way on overcharging the customers. Make sure you call a proper company first of all.

In these days every company is advertising especially the new one, the old ones with an organic position in google ranking will advertise less because they will appear anytime in the first page.
Google studies conclude that 85% of the one that search for something will click on the first 3 positions and they will make a decision based on this 3 position.

The rest of the percentage is being spread 10 % on the bottom page where there will be no ads, and the rest of 5% the seekers, the ones that do their homework meaning: check if there is a company displayed on the contact form, if not let it go scammers all day.

Check the site , if its poor and doesn’t show many pages just another page that repeat again and again, let it go. Does it have a Blog ? Very important, because this means the company is genuine, has invested in set organic position and there will be no chances for them to vanish like the one without any information displayed about the company.

So basically what you need is to stay away from the scammers, a small research on the first 2 pages will bring a proper locksmith into your property and also keep on eye if the site displays that the locksmith emergency technicians are DBS checked.

Very important as you don’t want an ex burglar into you property.
Don t chase for the lowest price displayed, you will end up paying much more than you expected.

If you are reading this lines you should be more than assured that you will have a qualified, fully trained locksmith technicians and DBS checked.
We offer locksmith emergency services for London and surroundings 24/7 with a clear policy of prices explained by a locksmith , you will attend the technician , he will explain what needs to be done.

Remember you could always say no and refuse the service if you consider it will be too expensive or out of your budget.

Our prices have been always competitive, all technicians are fully trained and qualified to take any type of job, all locksmith carry with them all types of locks.

Able to fit on spot , on emergency basis at our door commercial or residential 24/7.

All this comes with an invoice and warranty at the end of each job.
Although you may find a bit expensive our services we can assure you that other companies charge more.
Please call us if you need a quote, a service or just a simple question.

Our locksmith emergency team is ready to answer 24/7 .

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