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Locked Out of Your Apartment

Locked Out of Your Apartment

Locked Out of Your Apartment

Locked Out of Your Apartment? Here\’s What You Can Do


There\’s nothing quite like the comfort of arriving home after a long day. As you go from your parking spot to your front door, you think of all the things you can do once you get inside your apartment—change into comfortable clothing, lay out on the couch, snuggle with your cat, dance it out, whatever— (bonus points if stairs are involved).


You arrive at your front door. This is what you\’ve been looking forward to (maybe all day or night). When you turn the handle, it\’s locked. You\’re missing your key. Perhaps you have your key, but the top lock is locked from the inside. Whatever occurred, you won\’t be able to go in.


Maybe you\’ve tried everything, but nothing appears to be working.


What to do when you\’re locked out


While you may be at a loss for ideas and believe you\’ve tried everything, there\’s a high possibility there are a few things you haven\’t explored yet. Here\’s what we suggest:


  1. Ring up your roommate


If you live with a roommate or a partner, contact or text them to come rescue you. You may have to wait a bit for them to arrive, but you can be sure that they are on their way. If your car or workplace keys are not also locked inside, you can go to them to pick up their apartment key. If you don\’t need to go back inside right away—perhaps you\’re on your way to work or school—just inform them that you\’ve locked your key inside the flat. Ask when they want to return home so that you may organise your day properly.


  1. Calling the leasing office


Your leasing office reps certainly have an extra duplicate of your apartment key (some could say…your main key). They also understand the community\’s lockout policy. If this is your first time getting locked out of your flat, you will most likely not be charged any costs. However, if you are continually locked out (say it isn\’t so! ), you may be fined for a replacement key. It all comes down to the policies of your town. If you rent from a private landlord, contact them to see if they can provide you with a spare key or a locksmith recommendation.


  1. Contacting a locksmith


A locksmith can be your best friend when you\’re locked out of your apartment. They can help you get your key back in no time (or help you get a new one). And it doesn\’t have to be expensive! Thanks to the Internet, you can get a great deal on a locksmith without calling around to different providers.


Just make sure to ask your property management or landlord before making any significant changes, such as changing the lock on your unit.




If you\’ve been locked out of your apartment, it can be frustrating. It can even seem like the end of the world! Sometimes it just happens, but you should do everything you can before contacting a locksmith. Give your roommate a call, contact your leasing office, and ask your landlord for help.


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